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CM Punk is not impressed with the wrath of God

A lot of my friends on Facebook who loosely know me (but don’t KNOW know me) will frequently ask, “Who’s this CM Punk guy?¬† Is he a wrestler or something?” Even the people who KIND OF know me are aware that I’m a pro-wrestling nut… and yes, CM Punk is a professional wrestler.

So here’s the deal – starting from the beginning:

I came across a Facebook page called Where’s Randy Savage.¬† They are also on Tumblr.¬† The idea is that legendary Randy “Macho Man” Savage is photoshopped into various moments throughout the past, present, and (I’m sure) the future.

I don’t think I need to say anything else.¬† You now know that it’s the GREATEST FUCKING IDEA OF ALL TIME.¬† Any time a new Savage pic was posted, I would go back into the batch I’ve already seen just to laugh some more.

Some time last year I set up a Tumblr page.¬† I made this page simply as another way to promote my Doctor Who fan music video that I was working on.¬† I’d never really played with Tumblr, but came across a page called “Spock Is Not Impressed”.¬† They are also on Facebook.¬† It’s a very similar idea to the Savage page, but while the Savage page uses a variety of shots of the Macho Man, Spock is done with the same, disapproving look.¬† This page is pretty fun as well.¬† This one is my favorite:

So, I’m at home watching WWE RAW, having a swell time watching CM Punk and Triple H speaking angrily at each other.¬† Trips says something like “I could totally kick your ass right here and now… but I won’t”.¬† Then Punk turned to the camera and gave us THIS look:

CM Punk is not impressed with Triple H

I laughed.¬† Oh boy, did I laugh.¬† I rewound it several times and laughed each time.¬† I called my girlfriend into the room and had her watch it… a few more times.¬† Wanting to never forget this hilarious moment, I took a picture of the TV screen with my camera and continued with the show.
The next morning, after doing enough work to justify a break, I logged onto to Tumblr to post some behind the scenes pics of the Who video to drum up interest.¬† The first thing on my timeline was the Spock photo with Jay Leno… and it hit me like a slap in the face.
I thought to myself, “Can I do a … … … CM Punk¬†is Not Impressed?”
After about 45 seconds I thought, “Sure.”
No disrespect to the owner of the Spock page, because I can’t stress enough that I truly enjoy the stuff they put out, but neither of us is doing anything particularly original.¬† Where’s Randy Savage is the first of its kind that I know of.
Now the bummer is, I only have access to Microsoft Paint at work.¬† At first I found either goofy things or important moments in history (like both other pages) and merely stuck Punk in front of¬† it.¬† Kinda funny.¬† Then I started putting Punk’s face over the face of someone in the pic.¬† I’m particularly happy with the Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day (with Ned) shots.¬† But as pleased as I allowed myself to be…¬† quality-wise they were still kind of weak.
Then I got a Facebook message from some guy named Michael Frankito.¬† As it turns out, Michael is the creator of Where’s Randy Savage.¬† He told me he thought the idea was funny, and asked if he could help out.¬† Well heck yeah!¬† Michael not only made a few superb quality Punk pics, but he promoted my page on his Savage page.
The page went from a couple hundred fans to several thousand in a day, and the pics got much better.
Then enter my good friend, Ralph Apel.
Ralph’s not really a wrestling fan, but he enjoyed the idea.¬† Ralph is very creative… and he ALSO has Photoshop!¬† I think the first pic that Ralph offered was the one at the top from Raiders of the Lost Ark, followed by the Predator pic.¬† Just solid, hilarious stuff.¬† He has since studied up on Punk and actually likes him, which has inspired him a bit I think.¬† Apart from the amazing originals he makes, Ralph has also given me a standing offer – he’ll do pretty much any idea I give him and he’ll make it look good.
So that’s where we’re at!¬† Three guys who like to laugh, Photoshopping goofy pictures.¬† Thanks to everybody for spreading the word and I hope everybody is having fun!
Like Joseph Stalin (or Kennedy),
P.S.¬† Here’s the Who video!