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OR… Doctor Who and the Eleven Doctors

OR… Doctor Who and the Memories of a Time Lord

Or… Whatever you want to call it

Finally it is done!

Ok, well… that’s kind of a lie.  I am writing this on Thursday, October 13th and will fill in details as they become available.  As it truly stands (for me – in this moment), there are still some audio fixes in the beginning and the whole final scene to shoot with the First Doctor and Susan.

A couple of years ago now, my friend Bob Mitsch had made connections with the owner of the TARDIS console from the 1996 TV movie featuring the Seventh and Eighth Doctors.  Paul Salamoff, the aforementioned owner, was kind enough to let us visit the console – this amazing piece of nerd history – and take some pictures with it.  Bob Mitsch himself has put together a number of amazing costumes over time including Doctors, companions and monsters.   Standing at the console and considering all of the resources available to us, I knew that we had to shoot something.

But what?  Living in LA, I thought it might be neat to do something that embraced the scenery.  I wanted to do something new and am pretty sure we haven’t really seen The Doctor in Hollywoodland before.  I wrote a twenty-something page script.  The idea was that a former companion of The Doctor’s had written down their adventures wtih him and sold them as Hollywood scripts, becoming a successful film executive.  I liked it.  I mean, I thought it was really cool, but it was a bit adventurous.  It ended with a music video montage of Doctors Four and Eleven along with Amy Pond exploring the Los Angeles landmarks.

It was too long.

Also – Bob and others have put serious effort into some pretty amazing costumes.  If we have costumes for each of the eleven Doctors, I didn’t want to limit it to just two or three of them.  Bob ALSO has an amazing Cyberman costume that I’ve wanted to put in some sort of project.

I also had access to a Dalek.  I really have no idea why we didn’t use it.

Paul Salamoff, Bob Mitsch, Athena Stamos, CJ DeAngelus, Dalek Pete, Kevin Kittridge. Funnily enough, Mitsch doesn't actually play the 7th Doctor in the short, but brought his costume to get some shots of 7 and 8 at the Console.

AND NOW it is DECEMBER 12th…  I had to rewrite the last scene because I couldn’t score an edit bay (as a location).  I’m pretty happy with it.

So here are the preemptive notes:

* The majority of people in this video are not actors; merely passionate fans doing me a favor.

* “Your wig for Eleven is terrible!”  – – I know.  It’s what we were stuck with.

* “Your accent is terrible!”  – – I know.  Perhaps the First Doctor was right:  maybe I shouldn’t try the accent if I can’t do it convincingly.

* “The 5th Doctor’s hair is supposed to be blonde!”  – –  I know.  I wasn’t going to ask Brad to dye his hair.

* “You used a semi-colon improperly in the first preemptive note!!” – – Sorry, you’re probably right.

* I don’t play guitar.  It shows.  Sorry.

* “The TARDIS time rotor isn’t supposed to have those white arcing lights on it!”  – – How do you know?  You’ve only seen it in one adventure.

* “The Master’s TCE shrinks people to DEATH!  And he can’t bring them back to normal size, what the heck?!” – – Hey now, we’re trying to have fun.

* “How come when the 2nd Doctor come out of his timeline he’s in color, but when the 1st Doctor is seen he is still in black and white?” – – I’ll explain later.

I’m sure other notes will arise.  Please keep in mind that I’m far from perfect and we were trying to have fun.

So GREAT thanks to Paul Salamoff!/PaulSalamoffFanPage

Not only does Paul own the 8th Doctor’s TARDIS console [and that Dalek], but he’s a very accomplished writer and producer of science fiction.

And also the great Bob Mitsch.  Not only did he supply the majority of the costumes, but he helped wrangle fans from his nerd army to help play characters in this.  He’s also a great friend.

And another great friend, the incomparable Rick Schultz.  Rick shot this, edited it, did all the special effects and also co-directed.  Furthermore, he’s more creative than I am.  When I first had the idea for this, the band was going to be playing in an all-white environment (all E-Space like), and the TARDIS was just going to have a black background.  Rick convinced me that he could make them cool.  To be honest, I think a big part of the reason he took this on was to see what he was capable of doing with the effects (but mostly he did it simply to help me out).

And here’s the official cast list:

First Doctor:  Scott Sebring

Second Doctor:  Bob Mitsch

Third Doctor:  Ewan Anderson

Fourth Doctor:  Bob Mitsch

Fifth Doctor:  Brad Hansen

Sixth Doctor:  Aubrey West

Seventh Doctor:  Chad Knueppe

Eighth Doctor:  CJ DeAngelus

Ninth Doctor:  Kevin Kittridge

Tenth Doctor:  Blevin Blittridge

Eleventh Doctor:  Shmevin Shmittridge

The Master:  Michael Weinstein

The Cyberman:  Bob Mitsch

Kevin Kittridge:  Herman Vreshi Von Drake

Susan Foreman:  Jody Houser

Zoe Harriot:  Teri Samuels

Jamie McCrimmon:  Van Donovan

Nyssa of Traken:  Katharine Forman

Ace:  Erin Logan

Amy Pond:  Athena Stamos

So I hope you like it.  If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area, you should check out my improv group.

I Want To Be There Again,


So Bob… you writing an adventure for us to shoot or what?


This isn’t the actual title to our fan video, but since we had this great publicity shot I decided to make another novelisation cover.  I’m pretty happy with it!

As mentioned, I am shooting a Doctor Who music video.  A big part of the excitement surrounding this project is the fact that a friend owns the Eighth Doctor’s TARDIS console used in the 1996 movie.

To whet your appetite for the finished product, here are some production stills.  The Dalek will not be in the video (mostly because I was too tired to film any more).


Still haven’t decided what the background for the console room will be,


It has been a crazy couple of months.  Between work being out of control and my extracurricular activities I haven’t had a chance to write much.

Sorry.  Let’s break the last couple few weeks into categories.


Starting with some fun!  I played with IN RARE FORM a couple of Wednesdays ago at The Comedy Store and we had a BLAST!

Backstage - waiting to go on at The Comedy Store

We had a twenty minute slot and it just FLEW by.  Genuinely funny stuff coming from my colleagues combined with the hot crowd made it my favorite night at The Store yet.  And then to make that week even better, Julia and I were officially offered the positions in the group.  We had been tested and approved!  We got added to the cast page and everything (click on the headshots for bios):

AND I finally got to put my headshot up on the wall at the LA Connection Theater.  I’m pretty happy with it (by the way, Lander looks like he’s twelve years old.  Twelve.)

We go on 10:30pm every Friday at the LA Connection Theater in Sherman Oaks, CA.  Drop me a line and I can likely get you in free!

13442 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Apart from every Friday night we do special shows across town including a show in Santa Monica on the 24th.  Keep checking for details, and you can also check us out on Facebook at: !

All right, enough whoring.


The Doctor Who convention was WEEKS ago!

I met Frazier Hines (who played Jamie McCrimmon):

I also met John Levene (who played Sgt. Benton – and who I hope to have a bigger and better story of in the future):

I got a classic Doctor/Companion shot in front of the TARDIS with Ms. Athena Stamos:

I got a great Eleven/Ten shot with Mr. Kevin Coppa:

And finally, I found out that Cybermen REALLY just need a hug:


So… I’ve seen the first episode of the Eleventh Doctor, appropriately titled “The Eleventh Hour”.

First things first:  Matt Smith totally gets it.  I remember when he was first cast as my hero and was pretty pissed off.  Now, while I’d still prefer to see somebody older in the role, I feel the character is totally safe in his hands.  There’s something about his nervous energy. 

Now the show itself:  It is skewing very young.  It is becoming clearer and clearer that Doctor Who will never be the badass “Battlestar Galactica” that I want it to be.  It is proving to be a show for young adults with maybe a few references to keep the adults awake.  So taking it for what it IS, and after watching it three times, it definitely has that magical feel. 

But I don’t WANNA’ take it for what it is!  I want it to be more grown up.  I watched five minutes of The Beast Below and it seems centered around some damn seven year old kids again.  Come on, Moffat!

I understand that the first episode of the new era needed to be “safe”.  Introducing a new Doctor needs to be done carefully.  Now let’s turn up the heat.


It’s ridiculous and pathetic.  We’re not even going to talk about it.


I went on a hike with some friends to the Hollywood sign.  It was fun, but when you are SO close to the sign itself and the only thing separating you from it is a fence, steep decline, and a sign telling me to be good… could I really help myself?


It was my birthday Saturday!  How did I spend it?  Well, I spent NINE HOURS at work (9am-6pm).  It was so much busier than it was supposed to be.  Pretty lousy, to be honest.  But then my friend Vita swooped in and saved me!  As a birthday treat she brought me to a private screening of Kick Ass, which opens on Friday.  The movie was fun enough, but just being at a screening like that seems like you are “in” on something and makes you feel pretty cool.  Afterwards we went to the Veggie Grill on Sunset and I got my FREE birthday entree (went with the Cajun “chicken” – sooo goooooood).

And that’s where we stand.  Saturday night we’re throwing a birthday party at the house for Rick and I.  It should be a blast!

Who Da Man?  (never saying that again),



I was in the shower at about 5:10 this morning, groggy as hell, and I thought back to growing up in St. Michael, Minnesota.  Specifically, I remember hanging out with my friend Tim at his barn.  Yes, they had a barn – and a big one at that!  On the top floor there was a rope hanging from the middle and there was a platform which we could swing off of.  It was a total blast and many afternoons after school were spent up there.  The bottom portion of the barn was considerably less open.  While they occasionally had a horse it was usually empty – but had different areas sectioned off where animals could be housed.

One night when we were about twelve years old, I stayed over at Tim’s place and we slept in a tent outside.  Of course, when you are twelve and sleeping outdoors you run around at night and we decided to investigate the barn.*  Now, the downstairs of the barn during the day was kind of creepy but nothing that would prevent us from playing in it.  But at night… at night it was PURE BLACK and the downstairs of the barn was TERRIFYING!  We dared ourselves to see if we could walk all the way through it.  We knew that place like the back of our hands during the day but only got about a third of the way through before turning back.  It was just super, super scary.
Back to the shower!
I’m in the shower thinking about that crazy adventure (and kind of wondering WHY I was thinking about it) when it hits me:  I know the very first thing I would do if I had a TARDIS (or ANY time machine): 
I would follow my timeline to that night exploring the barn.  I would get there ten minutes before Tim and I entered the barn.  I would put on a very scary costume.  I would wait until Little Kevin and Little Tim got well into the barn…
And I would chase the holy Hell out of young Tim and Kevin. 
* it was as I was typing “decided to investigate the barn” when I realized exactly WHY I was thinking of this scary night as I showered.  It was due to the freaky dream I had.
In my dream last night I was staying at Tim’s house.  Nobody else (not even Tim) was there, but for some reason I was sleeping in his bed.  So I see myself sleeping in the bed when a ghost dressed in Ebeneezer Scrooge’s nightgown approached sleeping Kevin.  The ghost was played by this comedic actor from The Whitest Kids U Know:
– except he was very very tall and his face was completely white (even whiter than this picture!) …hmmm…white….Whitest Kids…  ANYWAY –
Trevor the Ghost is standing over my sleeping body, then turns to the Kevin watching the dream (the REAL me) and gives me the “Shhhhh” finger to the lips motion making no sound.  He then pretends to pull out a shotgun (in mime) and pretends to shoot one of my kneecaps.  He silently pantomimes a big laugh, “shushes” me, then shoots my other kneecap.  Laughs again, shushes again, then shoots “sleeping” me in the chest then head.  Each time looking REAL me in the eyes and shushing me and laughing.
It was fuckin’ weird.
I woke up in real life at about 4 in the morning pretty disturbed, but was able to go back to bed.
Oh, and the second thing I would do if I had a TARDIS would be to get tomorrow’s lottery numbers (you know that already). 
But the first thing would definitely be to terrorize my younger self and my friend.
Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow,

I had recently discussed my disappointment in the casting of a 26 year old kid as the new face of Doctor Who.  I really want The Doctor to have some gravitas and I find that the idea of a babyface doesn’t really help that.  Then came the rumors of what his costume would be.  Many were reporting that the BBC were going to play up the youthful appearance of the good Doctor and he would be wearing a hoodie and a t-shirt.  I was pretty much banging my head against the wall.  I was greatly concerned that they were marketing directly to the 12 year olds.

Let’s have a look at the past, shall we?

William Hartnell as The First Doctor (the original, you might say).

William Hartnell as The First Doctor (the original, you might say).

The First Doctor:  Whaddya’ gonna’ do?  He’s an old man.  He dresses like it.  Fine by me.

Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor

Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor

The Second Doctor:  This fits his persona as a “cosmic hobo”.  Solid idea for this character.

Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor

Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor

The Third Doctor: This took a fun turn!  From the “cosmic hobo” to frilly shirts and a cape!  Pertwee truly defined dashing in his tenure.

Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor

Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor

The Fourth Doctor: This is what most non-fans think of when they hear “Doctor Who”.  “That crazy guy with the scarf” and sometimes a mention of a robot dog (K-9).  Iconic.

Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor

Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor (my favorite!): This costume would be perfect if it wasn’t for the silly striped pants and the goofy stick of celery on his lapel.  That celery is being weird for the sake of being weird.  I do have that sweater, however.

Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor

Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor

The Sixth Doctor: We don’t talk about the Sixth Doctor’s costume.

It’s really a shame – especially considering that Colin wanted a costume more like what turned out to be the Ninth Doctor’s.

Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor

Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor

The Seventh Doctor: I’m going to say something that is going to piss off a lot of Doctor Who fans.  I don’t hate the question marks.  I don’t know, I just thought it was fun!  It was a bitch, though, drawing red question marks all over my sweater.

Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor

Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor

The Eighth Doctor: This seems like a throwback to the era of the First and Second Doctors.  Classy.  I like it.

Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor

Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor: This costume frustrated a lot of fans in the respect that it’s not really a costume.  A sweater (different sweaters with different colors – the first time that The Doctor regularly alternated his outfit), a leather jacket, some dark pants and boots.  Sometimes we like The Doctor to have a bit of flash, but I believe this costume is just what Doctor Who needed at the time of the show’s resurgence.

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor: Ah, David, I’m going to miss you, pal.  You are a heckuvan actor and play The Doctor with passion.  The costume is fun – somewhat timeless.  David suggested putting his personal Converse shoes on with the pinstripe suit was a nice touch.

And now…I was bracing for a friggin’ Russell Brand impersonator…a hoodie…a t-shirt… and here is the Eleventh Doctor:

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, and Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, and Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

TARDIS, Companion, and The Doctor

TARDIS, Companion, and The Doctor

I freaking love it!  You see, Steven Moffat is smart.  You’ve got this young kid as a 900 year old Time Lord.  How do you give us the impression that he has an old soul?  Dress him like an old school teacher!  Plus – the TARDIS has had a bit of an overhaul as well.  Bigger, bluer and they brought back the St. John Ambulance badge to the right door, not seen since the 1960’s.

After months of nervousness about the direction of my beloved show, I have been re-energized with excitement!

Thank you, Steven Moffat!


This is The Doctor

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In order:  William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison (my favorite!), Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant (current – ends likely on New Year’s Day), and Matt Smith (the new guy).

I got into Doctor Who when I was about 13 years old.  The Doctor travels through time and space fighting evil – what a guy!  His spaceship is called the TARDIS.  It looks like an old Police Box from Great Britain in the ’60s, but that was just a disguise to blend in to it’s surroundings.  Unfortunately for The Doctor, the TARDIS’s chameleon circuit got jammed on a trip to the UK so it’s stuck looking like a Police Box.  Inside, the TARDIS is HUGE!  Some say it’s infinite.




Inside: (this varied greatly during Doctor Who’s tenure – I am choosing my classic 5th Doctor refurbished design):


I think the TARDIS is just as an important reason that I got into Doctor Who as The Doctor himself.  It is a dream of mine that I will one day own one…one day.

Doctor Who aired from the ’60s to the late ’80s and sputtered out in 1989 with ridiculous monsters seemingly made of cardboard and bubble wrap with a healthy dose of tin foil.  And sometimes there were boobs.


It was goofy at times, but I really cared about the character of The Doctor and what he was up to.  After being put on indefinite hiatus, the show had an attempted restart in 1996 when FOX in the United States decided to make a TV movie.  If the movie did well, they would make a new series.  Despite a great Eighth Doctor in Paul McGann and more money being pumped into the show than ever before, not enought people watched it and the fans had to wait.

In 2005 Doctor Who came back!  While very happy to see my favorite cosmic MD in action, longtime fans noticed a couple of changes.  First of all, it is very clear that serious money has been pumped into the show.  Second, the show made a concerted effort to appeal to younger viewers.  Now there are many people who say that Doctor Who is and always has been a children’s show.  Perhaps they are right.  However, whereas I was a kid watching it and loving it while growing up, I am now a man.  I really wish they had made it a more bad-ass version of Doctor Who like they did with Battlestar Galactica.  I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.  That being said, there are some pretty solid episodes done in the last four years, and with Stephen Moffat in charge of the show next year I am very optimistic for it’s future.

EVEN THOUGH – the new Doctor is a kid.


This is some of that marketing to kids stuff I was referring to earlier… but I have faith in the vision and writing of Mr. Stephen Moffat.

And that’s where we are with THAT!