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So Summerslam is happening tomorrow at the Staples Center here in Los Angeles.  As Summerslam is one of the bigger pay-per-views of the year, they ofter have a fan fest the weekend of the event to get the fans excited.  Ray and I borrowed Rick’s superexpensive camera and took the Redline downtown for it!

Quick note – all the pictures here  are available for viewing bigger and clearer on my Flickr site here:

But first, we saw a bunch of kids standing in line to get there picture taken with Dora the Explorer.  Isn’t this aDorable (pun intended)?

Here’s the entrance to the event:

It wasn’t as packed as I expected.  There were bunches of booths set up, but our main objective was to see Chris Jericho’s Q&A session in the ring.  He’s my favorite wrestler and probably Ray’s.  When we first showed up, WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Howard Finkel was asking trivia questions and giving away prizes.  Then they asked for volunteers for another contest and I was chosen!  I got to go in the ring with 7 other people (mostly kids).  I’ll have you know, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be in a WWE ring since for fucking EVER!  It felt pretty darned cool lifting my right leg up and stepping through the top and middle rope as I entered the squared circle.  And luckily I handed the camera to Ray who took this AMAZING photo of me achieving this lifetime goal!!:

Goddammit Ray.

I guess he hit a switch or something.  Pretty frigging disappointing.  ANYWAY (speaking of disappointing) back to the contest!  The idea was that the cohost would go down the line and we would simply say the name of any WWE wrestler from the present or the past.  If somebody couldn’t think of a name or a name was repeated you were out.  This is very similar to Beastie Rap – a game we like to play in improv.  So…Beastie Rap featuring WWE superstars?  Forget about it, this is MY game to lose!!

Yeah, I lost.  I started out great!  In fact, I used this opportunity to try to impress Howard Finkel.  Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was my hero for several of my formative years, and I loved the way that Howard would introduce him so much that I pretty much perfected it.  So just before the mic got to me I pointed at The Fink and said, “This is for you, Howard” then belted out my best impression.  He nodded but didn’t really care.  ANYWAY I was so busy thinking of names that I wasn’t listening as closely to the other players as I should have.  I got the important ones out of the way… Brutus, Owen Hart and Brian Pillman were my first three.  I got Tito Santana and Rick Martel out there.  I was trying to go Old School and said Junkyard Dog but somebody had already said it.  I was out, but got a consolation prize of a nifty WWE car sunscreen!

And the winner?  Some seven year old girl who was pulling Old School names out of nowhere!  She won tickets to Summerslam for her and her family.

Goddammit Kevin.  I totally should have won that and Ray and I should totally be going to Summerslam for free.

After the contest and what seemed like HOURS of shilling for the pay-per-view, we got a match.  This was pretty cool as Ray and I were literally at what would be second row.  Very very close to the action.  Ted Dibiase came out wearing his old man’s Million Dollar Belt with Maryse by his side.  As Evan Bourne came out I got interested.  First of all I think Evan has an incredible future ahead of him, but I also realized that he would be doing the Shooting Star Press which is a simply amazing move (of COURSE the good guy was going to win here – they’re getting the crowd excited!).

Ted addresses the crowd wearing the belt (I got the shitty angle):

Then Evan Bourne came out!

And here is Evan Bourne’s Shooting Star Press – one of the coolest wrestling moves around:

Very fun and very cool to see live.  Probably even more fun if I wasn’t so focused on getting these pictures of it (and yes – I missed the point of impact which kinda sucks).

So Evan wins his match and everything is great, but the good news is that Jericho is up next being interviewed with the Bella Twins!  The Bellas come out first, followed by the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla!!

Jericho gets a hug from the Bella Twins:

The interview itself was interesting in that he wasn’t really in character.  He was talking about “storylines” and things of that nature.  There were a few questions – all provided by the fans – but my favorite was when somebody asked him who his ideal “last match” opponent would be.  He basically said that it doesn’t matter who his last opponent is as long as the story building up to it is intriguing and exciting.  He also said he’s not all that interested in getting a big farewell like Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels.  He thinks it’d be more fun to leave kicking and screaming, being dragged away and making people think, “Man, that guy’s a jerk!”  Funny and true (I’d want the same thing).

I follow Jericho on Twitter (like I say, I’m a huge fan of the guy).  He and I both share a passion for heavy metal.  We differ, however, on the new Megadeth album.  I think it’s just awful, while Jericho praised it on Twitter and even Tweeted once how Dave Mustaine (leader of Megadeth) is a genius.  I wanted to get a reaction from Jericho before he left so as he passed I yelled out, “Dave Mustaine is overrated!” to which he sharply looked in my direction and said “He is NOT” in the most direct way possible.

After Jericho left, that was pretty much it for us.  We took a walk around the area and saw wrestlers leaving autograph areas.  I’m pretty sure David Otunga hates me:

So that’s how our WWE Fan Experience ended.  Now here’s the deal:  We aren’t going to Summerslam but we ARE going to RAW Monday night.  Ray has some contacts that can get us not only free second row seats to the event, but BACKSTAGE apparently.  So here’s my dream photo list:

Chris Jericho (will he remember my Mustaine-bashing?  My mustache is rather memorable)

Santino Marella (friggin’ hilarious – and we have matching mustaches!)

Bret Hart (Damn right)


… let’s just see who’s available, eh?

Looking forward to Monday,



So I’m about a third of the way through watching RAW last night when it hits me that I’m actually ENJOYING at and looking forward to the rest of the show!  So far we had Jesse Ventura come out as the night’s Host.  He was doing a fine job and told us that we’ve been seeing too many of the same faces in the Championship scene.  He set up a battle royal filled with wrestlers that have never had a title shot.  The winner of the battle royal will receive a shot at his brand’s championship at the next Pay Per View, “TLC” (Tables, Ladders and Chairs).

SWEET!  Somebody gets a chance to break through to the top of the scene!  As much as I love Shawn Michaels and Triple H, there’s only so many times I can get excited about seeing one of them fight in the main event, and goodness knows the world doesn’t need another Cena/Orton match.

Side note about Orton:  I’m really liking him!  I disliked him personally for a few years because he’s been pretty immature behind the scenes, but getting married and having a kid has done him good.  I can feel good about liking him again.

We got a pretty good Cena / CM Punk match.  My favorite part was before the match when Punk told Cena, “Through these sober eyes, I can see you.”  I’ve mentioned before how awesome I think Punk is, but I don’t think I’ve brought up how bored I am of Cena.  BORED.  Turn him bad and I’ll like him again, but I was pissed off when he pinned Punk.

CM Punk is Straight Edge. That means he's better than you.

I think the thing I was most excited about was the DX vs. Hart Dynasty match.  Here we have TJ Wilson and David Hart Smith (the son of the legendary British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith).  The Hart Foundation in the past had huge issues with DX (Shawn Michaels and Triple H) and this would be the first time in over TEN YEARS that DX would face members of the Hart Family.  There was so much history between the two factions and I couldn’t wait to see this explored!  You’ve got the legitimate screwing over of Bret Hart for the WWE title at the Survivor Series in 1997, you’ve got Shawn beating the British Bulldog for the European title in the UK after Bulldog dedicated the match to his dying sister, and so much more!

The Hart Foundation... coolest group ever (provided you disregard Davy Boy's fanny pack)

We get to the match.  NOT ONE WORD of the history between the two groups is mentioned.  You could have had TJ and Smith do an interview before the match and really tear into DX vowing revenge for all sorts of deeds.  Nothing.  DX wins a five minute match after a superkick from Shawn and a pedigree from Trips.

Fuck you guys.  Seriously.  Fuck you guys.

Then Chris Jericho came out and talked smack to DX.  Jericho is exactly what he says he is: the best in the world at what he does.


It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and thankfully we all got to relive the Survivor Series moment from 1990 when the Gobblygooker was unleashed!  Back in ’90 they had a big egg that Mean Gene promised us would hatch at the pay per view and every week speculated as to what could be in it.  I speculated as well!  I was sure that Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was ready to return and would POUNCE out of that egg ready for action!  Some people thought that Ric Flair was coming in.  Instead we got this:

Yup.  This friggin’ turkey-or-what-have-you popped out of the egg, danced around the ring, did some gymnastics, then clucked off, not to be seen or heard from for many years until the fine folks at WWE realized it could be brought out as a joke to remind us of how goofy things were at one point.

SPEAKING OF GOOFY: there was a six woman tag match featuring the Pilgrims (the bad team) vs. the Indians (the good team).  Normally I fast forward through woman wrestling matches because it’s pretty much tna but I was watching the show live and didn’t have the option.  And it’s a good thing, because the entrance music used for the Indians was TATANKA’s old entrance music!!:

Oh, the hilarity!

So speaking of hilarity and golden moments from the past, it was decided that Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon would do commentary on the main event – just like they did in the ’80s!  Vince even put on his tuxedo with the red tie!  It was amazing and … well, just all sorts of amazing!

Now the main event itself?  The next challenger to John Cena’s championship is this guy:

If he wins the title at the ppv I’ll eat my hat.

I’ll purchase a hat, then eat it.  But best of luck to you, Sheamus.  Hopefully this gives you some credibility and is a jump start to a big career.  You’ve been handed the ball – how far can you run with it?  Personally I’m skeptical but keeping an open mind.

I had texted my friend Ray who was still at work and told him, “best RAW in years”.  I was clearly wrong, but was going off the potential of the night.  A fresh contender for the title?  A DX/Hart match?  Jesse and Vince on commentary (granted, that did pay off). 

This night should have ruled.  When the part of the night that got me most excited was a tie hearing Tatanka’s old music and seeing the Gobbledygooker… there’s trouble a’brewin’.

Well Enough is Enough, and it’s Time for a Change!