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Triple Threat

Punk and Dwayne


Hello, my name is Kevin Kittridge.  I created the “CM Punk Is Not Impressed” meme detailed here:

I was DELIGHTED and HONORED that such an idea was found worth merchandising by WWE in the form of this t-shirt being sold at Hot Topic:

Now…OBVIOUSLY I claim no right to any merchandising.  CM Punk is a WWE character (I think?  Anyway, certainly not mine), and I even stole the “Not Impressed” concept from “Spock Is Not Impressed” (as detailed in my blog link).
However…as you may have guessed I’m a HUGE WWE fan and have been since ’87 when I was thirteen years old and WANTED Hogan to beat Andre at WM3, but was concerned that Andre was just too big.
Do you think that maybe as a result of my idea resulting in some financial gain for WWE I could get a few tickets and backstage passes to the WWE show at Staples Center this Friday in Los Angeles?  This wouldn’t be “payment” or anything, just kind of a high-five between us as a result of a fun/silly/wacky idea coming to fruition.
My IDEAL “Not Impressed” photo would be not photoshopped, but in fact CM Punk giving me and Ralph the “Not Impressed” look in person, and I would title it “CM Punk Is Not Impressed With Nerds Photoshopping His Face”.
I went to Comic-Con this past July and was dressed as Randy Savage and came >THIS CLOSE< to that picture actually happening.  This is detailed here:
Here is a link to the Facebook page as well:
ALSO – my internet cohort Mike (creator of “Where’s Randy Savage”) promoted this concept very early on his extremely popular site.  CMPINI would be nowhere without him.  He resides in Cleveland, Ohio.  Maybe a few tickets and backstage passes could find their way towards him as well the next time you come to the 216 area code?
So that’s me.  Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you!

Back in February I went to the Doctor Who convention here in Los Angeles.  The main selling point this year for me was the fact that The Fifth Doctor [Peter Davison] would be appearing.  I’ve been watching Doctor Who since I was 12 or so, and he’s always been my favorite but I’d never met him.  The foremost objective of the day:  get my picture with him.

This was to be relatively easy, as there were scheduled photo ops throughout the weekend.  As I sat in line, dressed as his character from 30 years ago, I worked out how pitch my photo idea to him.  Then it happened.  This was clearly a “step up, smile, *flash*, move along” situation so I didn’t have much time to explain.  I approached him, shook his hand and said, “I think it would be funny if we were back to back, and I looked really super-excited while you looked scared/angry or miserable.”

We took the shot, I shook his hand again and moved along.  Probably 20 seconds with him, but this is the result:


I like it.  A lot.

So much so, that I saw some potential here.

I don’t know how many of you Doctor Who fans read the Target Novelizations of the episodes back in they day, but my friend Bob and I collected the heck out of those things.  We each had over a hundred at one point (although Bob had considerably more).  I found my next challenge…to turn this picture into the Target Book cover of my OWN Fifth Doctor Adventure!

Here is THAT result:


I like it.  A lot.


This is what I do with my time,


[sorry I haven’t written in a while – been busy]

Kittridge and Mitsch: Time Lords Who Follow Their Own Rules

OK, we didn’t exactly make history but we had a blast!

I recently found out that the current Doctor from Doctor Who [Matt Smith] would be on the Craig Ferguson show, which tapes just a couple of miles from where I work.  I immediately put myself in for a couple of tickets and was confirmed (although they state that they frequently overbook, so admission was not guaranteed).  I thought it would be fun to go in costume.  When I saw that Ferguson was promoting the show as The Doctor Who show and even got a Dalek for the occasion, I KNEW that I had to go in costume.  I called up Bob Mitsch [yon Costumer Extraordinaire] and told him of my plan.  Initially he wasn’t sold on going in costume but I told him that it was a MUST.

After it was decided, there wasn’t much doubt that Bob would be going as the Fourth Doctor.  The most recognizable of all eleven costumes and I believe Bob’s favorite.  I, on the other hand, wasn’t sure whether to go as Eleven [Smith] or my personal favorite number Five [Peter Davison].

Kevin Eleven


Kevin Five


The only reason Bob was balking about coming to the show dressed in costume was that on the ticket it states NO WHITE CLOTHING, supposedly so people don’t stick out in the crowd.  I think it’s just supposed to look like an audience as opposed to individuals.  To squash any fears for Bob I did some internet searching and called the audience coordinator.  The conversation went something like this:

Kev: Hi!  My friend and I will be coming to the show tomorrow.  Whereas it is the Doctor Who show, we were thinking of showing up in costume as Doctor Who.  That sounds like fun, right?

Negative Nancy [a guy]: No, absolutely not.

Kev [slightly taken aback]:  Are you sure?  Cuz I think Craig would LOVE it, with him being a big Doctor Who fan and all.

Negative Nancy: No, I know people have tried this with special shows in the past and we’ve had to turn them away.  I can check with some people and email you back but I’m sure they’re going to say no.

Kev:  Well if you can check that’d be great!

[email information exchanged – end of telephone call]

Huh.  I really would only want to go if we were dressed up.  I’ve been to TV shows before and really don’t need it.  Sure it’d be cool to see Smith in person but on the other hand I could go to my girlfriend’s place and smooch instead.

And the email came [cut and pasted from my email]:



I passed the request along, but got shot down.  Sorry bud.


Well this wouldn’t do.  Bob and I discussed the matter and decided that I would go as Eleven [even though my hair is super short now and no longer resembles him] because his costume while slightly fancy could possibly be worn by a normal person…more or less.  Bob would still go as Four, complete with scarf.  If they turned us away we would bring normal clothes in Bob’s car to change into.

The doors opened at 3:30.  Bob showed up to my work at 1:30 with the costumes.  We changed – much to the delight of my coworkers – and headed out.  We ended up getting there at about 2:10 or so and there was already quite a line.  I perused the queue and saw that we were really the only two in costume which concerned me (but I didn’t share my negativity with Bob).  We waited.  We posed for some pics for fans.  We waited.  I stepped out and got a Veggie Hot Dog at The Grove around the corner.  Finished it on the way back to the line [it’s so good to buy a veggie hot dog in public – so tasty and convenient!].

Finally the line starts moving.  Audience coordinators had been perusing the line during our time there and nobody said anything like “the costumes gotta’ go” or such.  Then the line stops at with about three people in front of us and a coordinator comes out.  He explains to us that not everybody will be getting in.  I hold back the urge to point out that Bob and I deserve entrance due to our obvious passion for Who.  It was a nervous few minutes.  The line starts moving slowly again.  The people ahead of us get in.  Bob and I get in.  The gal on her own behind us gets in.

And that’s it.  [Whew!]

So we’re in, right?

While waiting in the next line [TV shows are like Disneyland and mountains that way – there’s always another peak], a coordinator comes up to Bob and I and asks if he can talk to us for a minute.  In my head I’m thinking that this could be either fantastically fantastic or fantastically bad.  He explained super, super nicely that while it’s great that we have enthusiasm for Matt Smith’s appearance – it is important that the people at home believe we are as much fans of Craig himself.  Bob and I enthusiastically agree and confirm that we are big Ferguson fans.  This was a bit of a stretch on our parts.  We both appreciate his presence and comedy but neither of us had actually watched the show.  Our new friend then asked that I remove my bowtie [!] and Bob remove his scarf. 

We were nice.  We acquiesed. I took my tie off and Bob took his scarf off.  I was pretty disappointed.

Then we got in the audience and sat down.  Bob mentioned that the coordinator told him that his scarf was OK to wear after all.  In my head I was all “What the fuck?!  But my bowtie is too much?!”  So I put it back on.

Skip ahead to Matt’s entrance.

Now, I’ve been in LA for thirteen years.  It takes a lot to get me starstruck these days.  I’ve seen Prince, Al Pacino, Eric Idle, John Cleese and many others.

But this guy is The Doctor.

I had that feeling inside…that… “Holy Cow, it’s really him”.  It was very, very cool to see him in person.  Not only did I decide to break the rules and wear my bowtie, but I decided I would be one of the last folks to sit down after the standing ovation.  Matt really should see the costume, I rationalized.

So he sits down.  Craig asks him about obsessive fans and Matt surmises that the fans can be enthusiastic.  He then POINTS TO ME:

"Hey, I Think Kevin Is Awesome!"

He says something like “There’s a chap dressed in a bow tie, you look very smart!”  I stood and gave him a small salute.  The camera didn’t catch it or anything but we became instant BFFs.

The show goes on.  It was lots of fun.  The taping is pretty much over.  The crew is all “Are we done?” and somebody mentions “We need another shot.  Where’s the guy in the bow tie?”  I raise my hand, and the audience warmup guy says, “OK, you’re going to be on TV tonight.”  I waited as they got a shot of me sitting in the audience.  I played it cool.  Too cool (and rather dorky).  I should have just sat back and gave Matt – who had left by then – a similar salute to the one I gave him.  Oh well.  And Bob was in the shot also!

Mitsch and Kittridge, amongst others

 As they often do on TV shows these days, we all got a copy of the Fifth Season of the new Doctor Who series on DVD on the way out.  Distributing them was the audience guy who told me not to wear the bow tie.  As I accepted the DVD box set from him, I told him “I’m sorry I betrayed your trust.”

But I’m NOT!

We show up at about a minute and forty seconds into the above video.

So.  We broke the rules.  We got on TV.  The Eleventh Doctor told me I looked smart.  It was a pretty fantastic day!

Next Stop – Appearing on Doctor Who ITSELF!!


There is a world that many do not know about.

Yeah. We rocked it. (Thanks Sarah for the pic that I stole from your Facebook!)

There are probably hundreds, to be honest.  But this world in particular revolves around fandom.  Nerd fandom.  Specifically:  Doctor Who fandom.  And even MORE specifically:  The Doctor Who Cosplay Community.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  This guy obviously went through great effort to make sure every detail is as close to perfect as can be.

(I chose his work on the Fifth Doctor’s costume because he’s my favorite Doctor, but he has done more excellent work on other wardrobe that is linked to on the page).

Let me put it out there:  there is no question that I am a nerd / a geek / a whateveryouwannacallit.  I’ve been watching Doctor Who since I was 13 and even started with Star Trek before that.  I’ve gone to school dressed as Doctor Who.  Not often (hey – I got beat up enough as it was WITHOUT drawing attention to myself), but when my friend Chad let me borrow the replica of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf that his mother knitted for him there was no stopping me from going at least once.  To be honest, I’ve got a brilliant copy of the Fifth Doctor’s sweater that I have ALMOST worn to work a couple of times in the last couple of months.

It is quite clear to me that if I had unlimited resources I would have a replica of the costumes for each Doctor (1 through 11) in my closet  – and they wouldn’t be gathering cobwebs.  The only thing preventing me from diving headfirst into this world is funding.

Somebody with NO hinderances on the path of the Cosplayer is a man by the name of Bob Mitsch.

The Fourth Doctor (Bob Mitsch) shares a Jelly Baby with the Tenth Doctor (yours truly).

The above is my favorite picture with Bob Mitsch.  Four and Ten in front of the TARDIS sharing Jelly Babies – tough to beat.  Mitsch is one of those guys who wants things to be as perfect as possible when it comes to Doctor Who costuming.  Two small examples:

1) I was at Bob’s place a couple of months ago.  On his kitchen table was 8 to 10 pieces of fabric in different shades of beige.  Bob already had an amazing 5th Doctor jacket that I was PROUD to wear to Comic Con and two Doctor Who conventions. However, the shade of beige just wasn’t right in Mitsch’s eyes.

2) The Fifth Doctor wears white running shoes.  I had a pair of white Converse as part of the costume.  Bob called me just before one of the conventions saying that he was about to purchase a pair of white shoes that were more accurate.  I asked him if they were leather [I’m a vegetarian and am not interested in wearing leather].  He confirmed that they were in fact, made out of murdered animals.  I told him I wasn’t going to wear them.  He tried convincing me but I wasn’t interested.  The thing is, we’re talking about one pair of white tennis shoes looking… how much better than another pair of white tennis shoes?  There just couldn’t be enough of a difference to warrant me tossing my morals to the side for this.  When it settled in to Bob that I simply wasn’t going to wear the shoes he had picked out, I could hear the perfect combination of disappointment and fury in his voice.  It’s the tone of his voice which made me tell this story.  Obviously you can’t hear said tone, but I imagine it is the tone one’s voice has when they are told they are adopted.

(Just so you all know – I will be wearing leather boots when I portray the 11th Doctor at this year’s Gallifrey One convention as I have no suitable substitute to counter Bob with: +2 Mitsch)

So that’s Bob.  A guy who makes Doctor Who costumes strictly for the enjoyment of doing it.  He takes pride in his work.  He’ll put a costume together and it’ll look fantastic, but the thing is they are never good enough for him.  I’ll point out just how awesome something is but he’ll find twelve different things wrong with it that no reasonable person would worry about.  Bob is his own harshest critic.


There is some dude out there…

This is so ridiculous to write… but it’s true.

There is a guy out there who has taken GREAT offense at Bob’s craftwork.

To the point where he WROTE A BLOG CUSSING HIM OUT.

Extract (my comments in blue):

I have noticed a disturbing trend on Doctor Who message boards especially amongst the Cosplayers, (that sad and lonely but generally harmless subset of fandom), that whenever anyone asks a question regarding costumes, one gurning idiot appears as if by magic.

Fair enough, guy.  If you are going to discuss anything other than minute differences in Doctor Who costumes then at least you aren’t a hypocrite.

This idiot goes by the online name of ‘Timelord25’ or ‘Manofsteel25’ but his parents know him as ‘Bob’. Like the Candyman, he materialises dressed in an appalling caricature of Tom Baker’s season 12 outfit gurning like a simpleton to offer his definitive and authoritative advice on all matters concerning Who costumes.

Uh… so Cosplayers are “(that sad and lonely but generally harmless subset of fandom)”, but ONLY if they don’t pay enough attention to get every single detail right?  Well at least you seem to be civil.

Nothing wrong in that, if this cocksicle actually possessed even a modicum of observational ability. Sadly, he doesn’t. However, undeterred by this fundamental handicap he enthusiastically bluffs, blunders and stumbles his way through the finer points of Doctor Who sartoria with all the finesse of Stevie Wonder in a knocking shop. Anyway, Mr Bob Mitsch has teamed up with a character we all know and love, Mr Daniel Pawlik aka ‘Risu’ to produce Tom Baker’s Season 12 neckerchief  with what he can say with “certainty that it’s at least 90% accurate to the real thing.”

OK, well, scratch that last bit!  I didn’t realize how crass people who make costumes of science fiction shows can be.  Please continue.

…they look NOTHING alike. The base colour is wrong for a start. Pattern is utterly wrong and the stripe colour is like nothing I’ve seen. How it can be “90% accurate” is anyone’s guess. Obviously Mr Mitsch’s mathematically ability surpasses his observational ability.”

Again – this is a guy FURIOUS that Bob thinks he has done a pretty good job on a Doctor Who costume.  To the point that he has written a blog about it.  He sat down and HAD to cuss Bob out for having the audacity to be proud of his hobby.

Blind leading the blind? Blind and dumb leading blind and dumber.

Holy Shit!  Third grade called and wanted its advanced name-calling capability back.

In the very near future I shall be expanding into costumes and for the first time ever I shall make museum quality, accurate costume pieces available to you all. Judging from the mess above, it can’t come a moment too soon…

OK, I see now.  The guy is going into business for himself.  He is going to make costumes and sell them for profit.  

I hate to belittle the point, but Mitsch does this not for profit, but because it is FUN for him – and me – and everybody who suits up in a Mitsch costume and frankly 98 percent of the fans who see us in them.

So on behalf of myself (and myself alone) I say to you:

You can gargle my fuckin’ balls.  Nah, I’m not civil, but I didn’t start this twatfight.

Let’s let the Doctor Who community decide if Mitsch’s work is worth putting the effort into:




This past weekend the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica showed the Back to Future trilogy back to back…to back.  To celebrate, the owners of TWO fan-made DeLoreans brought their babies out for show (I’m assuming they are two different owners.  If they were both built by the same person it would blow my mind).  Luckily my officemate David was in the area and took some pictures of these AMAZING replicas – note the hoverboard and Nikes inside!

Thanks, David!









Huey LOVES it!