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It was about a year ago that I joined up at the LA Connection.  I had been out of the acting loop for a while and really needed to stretch out my creative legs.  After six weeks of classes I finally got to be on stage again, performing every week.  The crowds weren’t big most of the time, in fact tiny at first (the Rookie show is at 7pm Friday nights,) but it just felt GOOD to be up again.  After a while I got bumped up a level and was up for the Draft.  The Draft is when the Big groups come out and watch some of the up-and-comers perform.  If they like what they see they will invite you to work with their group for a while and perhaps you will be offered a proper slot in the group.

I was drafted by and eventually offered a slot in In Rare Form.  This made me very happy!  Darned near every Friday night since…Marchish?…I’ve performed with them at 10:30pm.  I believe I have missed twice:

1) Because I was out of town for my cousin’s wedding [Hi Matt!]

2) Because I joined my work friends for a night out pub crawling [very, very, very poor decisions made that night]

In addition to the Friday night shows, the gang has worked on getting us at gigs in other areas around town.  We’ve play often at M.i.’s in Santa Monica and Bang! Theater in West Hollywood, a new spot in Burbank and there other theaters which have shown interest.  It’s a blast playing to new venues and crowds… different is exciting!

While it has been great to have the LA Connection as a Home Base of sorts, we in the group felt that it was time to move on.

Friday, September 24th is our final show at the LA Connection Theater and we’re planning on going out in style!  It should be a really fun show with great energy.  So please join us!  Let us know if you plan on coming as it is likely we can get you in for free.

In the meantime, you can keep up to date on where we’ll be performing at the OFFICIAL In Rare Form website:



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