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CM Punk's Wrestlemania debut: An extra playing a Chicago "Gangster"

I purchase two pay-per-views a year:  The WWE Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.  And Wrestlemania is UPON US!

I think this year’s Wrestlemania has a lot to offer.  Let’s dig in.

Darnit Randy, I said "Dig *IN*"!

The Rock vs. John Cena

I see John Cena winning here.  I’m not his biggest fan, but I just don’t think they’ll have Rock come back WITHOUT putting over whoever he was going to face.  This match has a lot of spark.  Insiders are saying that there is legit tension between the two.  It there really?  Maybe.  But both of these guys are doing there best to make me BELIEVE it, which is the most important part. 

Bottom line:  Cena pins The Rock.  If he makes The Rock tap out I’ll shit my pants.

Extra fun:  Bret Hart mentioned on Twitter that he would happily show The Rock how to properly apply The Sharpshooter.  Even back in the late ’90s and early 2000s my friends and I lamented how poorly Dwayne puts that on.


The Undertaker vs. Triple H

  • Hell in a Cell
  • Shawn Michaels as special referee

Triple H and I are PALS! Chyna and I...not so much.

This is the match that I’m most confident about on the card.  The Undertaker will win this match.  I’ll go further and say that I don’t believe Shawn Michaels will “screw” anybody out of a victory or anything like that. 

My friend took this pic when we were at a house show in Anaheim in 1997. The heat on these guys was INCREDIBLE.

It’s disappointing to hear so many people say, “Oh, I don’t want to see that match again.  I saw it twice already.” 


They had a match at Wrestlemania 17.  AND IT WAS AWESOME.

They had a match least year.  AND IT WAS AWESOME.

Were they Flair / Steamboat (who had wrestled hundreds of times and still had great matches which internet nerds salivate over)?  No.  But they have their own style of match that features two bad-ass wrestlers that nobody would fuck with and have the audience wondering what’s going to happen next.

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

          * WWE Championship match

Jericho and I are PALS!

This shit is gonna’ rule.  My guess is that Punk retains the championship (my confidence level is 75 percent).  But you’ve got these two guys who really know how to work a crowd.  Personally I’m more excited about this match than anything else on the card.  The thing is that I kind of want Jericho to win just to ensure that this feud continues.  But again – my guess is that Punk wins decisively. 

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

  • World Heavyweight Championship match


I think that this will also be a great match.  I predict Sheamus will take the championship (85 percent).  I would LOVE it if Bryan kept the title but don’t see it happening on Sunday.  Bryan is SO GOOD playing the evil vegan and AJ is playing her “Miss Elizabeth” role quite well.  Maybe if I’m lucky, Daniel will win the title back at the next pay-per-view.

Cody Rhodes vs. The Big Show

  • Intercontinental Championship match

I don't have a picture of myself with Cody or Show, so here's me with Cody's brother. He was very nice.

I’m just happy that the IC title is being defended at Wrestlemania!  This hasn’t been a given the last few years.  Cody’s doing a great job as the jerk, and I think the audience will really want Big Show to bring the belt home.  I’m guessing that Big Show will do that, but am only about 65 percent sure.

 Randy Orton vs. Kane

 Aw, man… I really don’t think that this match will be good.  Orton vs. Punk had a great finish last year, but Kane is no CM Punk.  I guess that Randy will win, and I will want this to be over quickly so as not to irritate my non-wrestling fans who will be at the house with boredom.

 I beg these two to prove me wrong.

 Team Teddy [Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali, and Booker T] VS

Team Johnny [David Otunga, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, The Miz, and Drew McIntyre]

 A lot of people are whining about this match.  The way I see it, if they’re not going to have a Money in the Bank match (which I would FAR prefer), this is the next best way for some of the guys to get on the card.  Battle Royals have kind of been done to death and at least this match kind of means something.

Even without my qualifiying statements above, I think this should still be fun.  I absolutely love Santino, Kofi’s great, Zack should be fun, I love Booker, Ziggler’s friggin’ awesome, I think Swagger is underrated and should be pushed better, and I still haven’t stopped digging The Miz since before he won the WWE championship.  I’m happy Mark Henry has a spot. 

[For those of you keeping track, R-Truth, The Great Khali, David Otunga and Drew McIntyre are people that I really wouldn’t pay to see.]

My guess here is that Team Johnny will win.  I look over my predictions and see that I’m calling most matches for the “good” guy (although I do consider Rock, Cena, Taker and Trips to be neutral).  Bad guys have to win SOMEWHERE and this seems to be as good a place as ever. 

Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres

One wrestler and three airheads, one of which is allegedly a celebrity.  My prediction on this is that I will use the restroom and likely grab a snack.

And that’s all that’s been announced as of now, but there are other things to consider:

**  Will Triple H come out to his Conan the Barbarian costume?

**  Could Living Colour play CM Punk’s theme live on his way out?  (There have been no rumors to suggest this but I think it’d be awesome)

**  Will Jim Ross call any matches?  Cuz he SHOULD.

**  What surprise WWE Legends will show up?  We need to see Hot Rod somewhere, don’t we?  Or the Iron Sheik?  They need to start promoting Legends House, right?

Sunday, April 1st on Pay Per View


So Summerslam is happening tomorrow at the Staples Center here in Los Angeles.  As Summerslam is one of the bigger pay-per-views of the year, they ofter have a fan fest the weekend of the event to get the fans excited.  Ray and I borrowed Rick’s superexpensive camera and took the Redline downtown for it!

Quick note – all the pictures here  are available for viewing bigger and clearer on my Flickr site here:

But first, we saw a bunch of kids standing in line to get there picture taken with Dora the Explorer.  Isn’t this aDorable (pun intended)?

Here’s the entrance to the event:

It wasn’t as packed as I expected.  There were bunches of booths set up, but our main objective was to see Chris Jericho’s Q&A session in the ring.  He’s my favorite wrestler and probably Ray’s.  When we first showed up, WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Howard Finkel was asking trivia questions and giving away prizes.  Then they asked for volunteers for another contest and I was chosen!  I got to go in the ring with 7 other people (mostly kids).  I’ll have you know, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be in a WWE ring since for fucking EVER!  It felt pretty darned cool lifting my right leg up and stepping through the top and middle rope as I entered the squared circle.  And luckily I handed the camera to Ray who took this AMAZING photo of me achieving this lifetime goal!!:

Goddammit Ray.

I guess he hit a switch or something.  Pretty frigging disappointing.  ANYWAY (speaking of disappointing) back to the contest!  The idea was that the cohost would go down the line and we would simply say the name of any WWE wrestler from the present or the past.  If somebody couldn’t think of a name or a name was repeated you were out.  This is very similar to Beastie Rap – a game we like to play in improv.  So…Beastie Rap featuring WWE superstars?  Forget about it, this is MY game to lose!!

Yeah, I lost.  I started out great!  In fact, I used this opportunity to try to impress Howard Finkel.  Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was my hero for several of my formative years, and I loved the way that Howard would introduce him so much that I pretty much perfected it.  So just before the mic got to me I pointed at The Fink and said, “This is for you, Howard” then belted out my best impression.  He nodded but didn’t really care.  ANYWAY I was so busy thinking of names that I wasn’t listening as closely to the other players as I should have.  I got the important ones out of the way… Brutus, Owen Hart and Brian Pillman were my first three.  I got Tito Santana and Rick Martel out there.  I was trying to go Old School and said Junkyard Dog but somebody had already said it.  I was out, but got a consolation prize of a nifty WWE car sunscreen!

And the winner?  Some seven year old girl who was pulling Old School names out of nowhere!  She won tickets to Summerslam for her and her family.

Goddammit Kevin.  I totally should have won that and Ray and I should totally be going to Summerslam for free.

After the contest and what seemed like HOURS of shilling for the pay-per-view, we got a match.  This was pretty cool as Ray and I were literally at what would be second row.  Very very close to the action.  Ted Dibiase came out wearing his old man’s Million Dollar Belt with Maryse by his side.  As Evan Bourne came out I got interested.  First of all I think Evan has an incredible future ahead of him, but I also realized that he would be doing the Shooting Star Press which is a simply amazing move (of COURSE the good guy was going to win here – they’re getting the crowd excited!).

Ted addresses the crowd wearing the belt (I got the shitty angle):

Then Evan Bourne came out!

And here is Evan Bourne’s Shooting Star Press – one of the coolest wrestling moves around:

Very fun and very cool to see live.  Probably even more fun if I wasn’t so focused on getting these pictures of it (and yes – I missed the point of impact which kinda sucks).

So Evan wins his match and everything is great, but the good news is that Jericho is up next being interviewed with the Bella Twins!  The Bellas come out first, followed by the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla!!

Jericho gets a hug from the Bella Twins:

The interview itself was interesting in that he wasn’t really in character.  He was talking about “storylines” and things of that nature.  There were a few questions – all provided by the fans – but my favorite was when somebody asked him who his ideal “last match” opponent would be.  He basically said that it doesn’t matter who his last opponent is as long as the story building up to it is intriguing and exciting.  He also said he’s not all that interested in getting a big farewell like Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels.  He thinks it’d be more fun to leave kicking and screaming, being dragged away and making people think, “Man, that guy’s a jerk!”  Funny and true (I’d want the same thing).

I follow Jericho on Twitter (like I say, I’m a huge fan of the guy).  He and I both share a passion for heavy metal.  We differ, however, on the new Megadeth album.  I think it’s just awful, while Jericho praised it on Twitter and even Tweeted once how Dave Mustaine (leader of Megadeth) is a genius.  I wanted to get a reaction from Jericho before he left so as he passed I yelled out, “Dave Mustaine is overrated!” to which he sharply looked in my direction and said “He is NOT” in the most direct way possible.

After Jericho left, that was pretty much it for us.  We took a walk around the area and saw wrestlers leaving autograph areas.  I’m pretty sure David Otunga hates me:

So that’s how our WWE Fan Experience ended.  Now here’s the deal:  We aren’t going to Summerslam but we ARE going to RAW Monday night.  Ray has some contacts that can get us not only free second row seats to the event, but BACKSTAGE apparently.  So here’s my dream photo list:

Chris Jericho (will he remember my Mustaine-bashing?  My mustache is rather memorable)

Santino Marella (friggin’ hilarious – and we have matching mustaches!)

Bret Hart (Damn right)


… let’s just see who’s available, eh?

Looking forward to Monday,