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So I through a bunch of shit out last week.  It was eleven days ago.  Meagan had cleared out the closet a bunch and so I did my own spring cleaning.  I tossed a few things, most notably a couple of posters (in frames) and a bunch of wedding pictures.  As a result, I could cram newer and more reasonable-to-keep stuff into the closet and give my bedroom a bit more much needed space.

That garbage lid DIDN’T want to shut.  I don’t blame it.  The posters (again – still in frames) were well over the top of the bin.  I left it, however, confident that the waste management folks would take it.  The next day I came home from work and everything was gone, just like a normal day.  The posters, the frames and the pictures…out of my life forever.

TODAY is February 5th, 2011.  I was returning from work when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye… this couple was selling shit here in North Hollywood [near the In and Out Burger] and I was sure I saw the poster of  ”Starry Night” that used to be in my bedroom.  Now obviously, “Starry Night” is a well known painting and it’s not just EXTREMELY classy men like myself who own it, but I had to be sure.  I finished my trek home – about four blocks away – and walked back.

As I was walking, I thought about how weird it would be if the wedding pictures were there, and was also trying to remember what the heck else I threw away!  Well, the photographs weren’t there…but the frames were!

EXACTLY four years TO THE DAY that I proposed… It was quite odd to see those frames once filled with “forever to be cherished” memories now left cold and empty.

And fitting.

I then popped over to the posters and it hit me:  THAT’S right!  I remember the other poster I threw away (sorry, Denise – I REALLY needed the space)!

Now to be clear, I’m not upset at the folks for doing whatever they need to in order to get by.  I didn’t berate them for digging through my garbage and conversely they didn’t ask me why I was taking pictures of their inventory.  Just…it’s very strange seeing your shit for sale on the side of the street a couple blocks from your house.

Upgrading My Media,


PS  I’m pretty sure that stuff is there if you want it, but I bear no responsibility for what happens to the people whose photographs you put in the frames.