Chris Jericho has a new book out.  It is titled “Undisputed” and is his second autobiography.  It’s a damned good read.  The book takes place right where the first book ends:  His first appearance in WWE.  He has a number of stories about the challenges he faced in the locker room, in the ring and with his new boss, Vince McMahon.

Now as good as the book is [and again, it’s very very good!!], this is not a post about The Book.  This is a post about how I finally met one of my all time heroes and wrestlers… the man of 1,004 holds:  Chris Jericho.

It was on his book tour [how’s that for getting to the point?].

I got in line.  Five days previous I had met another hero from another realm, the Fifth Doctor from Doctor Who.  I had great success getting a picture where I looked super excited and he looked miserable and wanted to recreate that magic with Jericho.  While waiting in line, I noticed that another fan had brought with him a replica of the World Heavyweight Championship – a belt Jericho had worn many times.  I don’t like to bother people often at all, but it’s not often I have an opportunity to take pictures like THESE:

Very fun!

So I got through the line and finally met him.  He was super nice as expected.  I asked him if I could take a shot where I was really excited and doing one of his poses while he looked miserable, like “This is the shit I gotta’ put up with?”  He replied, “That’s the look I give in ALL my pictures.”  So we posed.  My friend Rick took a few shots with his super-swell camera and then I thanked him.  As we started to leave, Rick looked at a couple of the pictures and started laughing, saying, “These are really good!”  As Jericho watched us leave, he was smiling and seemed genuinely happy to be doing something just a bit different from most of the pics he takes with his legions of fans.

And here is the shot of the day:

I like it.  A lot.

Thank you so much, Chris!

Jerichoholic for Life,



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