A few days ago my friend Vita told me about an art opening featuring material inspired by the one and only Bill Murray.  I channeled my inner Liz Lemon and thought to myself, “I want to go to there.”  It opened last night and we went.

It was pretty friggin’ great!  First of all the art was very cool.   All pics (except one) were taken by Vita Lusty, who has an I-Phone that takes significantly better pictures than my shitty Blackberry.

And let’s just get right into the… meat of the matter, shall we?

The music was bouncing, there was an open bar (with a ridiculous line – but free booze, whaddya’ gonna’ do?) and members of the Southern California Ghostbusters showed up with an Ectomobile.  Yeah.  That’s right.

Kev Joins The Team

One of the So-Cal Ghostbusters let me use the gun from his Proton Pack to fend off a spirit!


For more on the Southern California Ghostbusters click the following link (includes video at the bottom of the page with Dan Aykroyd signing the car!!):


All right – back to the ART!

Bill finally gets Vita just where he wants her...or is it the other way round?

Some "Little Shop" action

Comparable to the Virgin Mary or simply Bill Murray on toast? Titled "Breakfast With Bill".

To see ALL the artwork from the show [and I HIGHLY recommend you do so] click here:


As the night progresses there is this gal who has clearly been drinking a bit.  She was dancing, dancing her little heart out.  After a while I asked the group, “Who’s going to give me a dollar to go dance with her?”  The dollar was produced surprisingly quickly!  I approached her and slowly started to get my groove on.  I said to her, “So you like The Bill?”  She replied “I LOVE Bill Murray, he is my absolute FAVORITE!”

So we danced.

I had my fun.  I started to step away and she lunged after me, so I HAD to dance with her a bit longer.  When I decided it was time I gave her a hug and left.

It’s safe to say she wanted me.

Know what I did then?

I went to Sherman Oaks and had a kick ass improv show with In Rare Form!

Not “The” God, but “a” god,



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