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Yesterday it was rather slow at work, so I had no choice but to let Matthew Berkowitz go.  Luckily we were there to capture the moment in photography!

[Fine…no Berkowitz’s were harmed…or ACTUALLY fired…in this series]

"Can I see you for a minute?"

Tyler knows what's going down...

"Please, have a seat"

"This is really tough"

"I need you to look over these papers. These business papers."

"I need you to sign this stating that you will not sue the company following your release."

"I'm going to need your badge."

I'm gonna' miss that guy!

 Looking over these business papers,


  1. casinoskunk says:

    At first i thought he badge clip was his watch. I love that the business papers were tore out of a notebook. That is how all my business papers look. seriously, it is hilarious.

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