So… I was pretty tough on the new kid.  First of all he’s a kid.  Second of all if you are going to cast a tall, lanky, goofy-lookin’ guy as The Doctor you cast ME, dangit!

I saw the first trailer for the next series of Doctor Who with our brand spanking new Doctor and thought it looked OK.  I could have gone without the shot of the sunglasses going up and down (and more kissing?  really?) but it showed potential. 

Then a few days ago I saw this trailer and I find it MAGICAL (I suggest you expand the video to fill the screen and maybe turn up the sound a bit):

And I REALLY like the talking at the end – and the delivery!  It makes me feel optimistic about the future of my favorite show.

All of time and space.
Everywhere and anywhere.
Every star that ever was.
Where do you want to start?

I’ll be heading to the Doctor Who convention by LAX this weekend “Gallifrey One” and will be in costume as this guy.  When I first decided this I did it to switch up from being the Fifth Doctor all the time.  I’ve been Five for the last two years, plus Peter Davison (the actor who PLAYED Five) is going to be at Gallifrey next year so I’ll definitely have to be him then so a break seemed like a good idea to break up the monotony.

Plus Five’s sweater makes me look fat (even more than my gut does!).

But now – without even seeing the first episode – I’m excited about the direction of the show!

If you’re at the con say howdy!

I would totally never ever do this… unless I would DEFINITELY get away with it:

Doctor in Distress!


  1. anonytonomous says:

    I *will* say I saw your youtube posting of that trailer the other day, and I was definitely enchanted :D. May have to re-hop on the Doctor Who wagon!

    And f–k yea’, you’d be a rockin’ Doc.

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