It’s been a Riot…

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

So I kind of feel like I’m in The Empire Strikes Back.  The rebel forces are fighting off the AT-AT walkers on Hoth.  Everybody takes off in different directions and will meet at the predetermined rendezvous.  Much like in Empire – many of us won’t make it there.

My workplace for over the last five years is closing.  I’m one of the very lucky ones and have been transferred to another facility that is actually much closer to my home.  Right now I’m splitting my days between the two.  Some folks will join me at the new facility, others have been transferred to a different spot, and some are just plain out of luck.

It’s weird how much this building has been a part of my life.  My friend Alex got me this job and rescued me from the world of retail.  From the vault, to operations, to my current job as Post Coordinator it has been the people who have made it worth the drive from the Valley to Santa Monica every day.  Hell, I even met my wife here!  Granted, she has since left me and had introduced me to the most emotional pain I’ve ever felt in my life, but BEFORE that… there was a good three and a half years there where I was ridiculously happy and it was all because our building did work on the pilot for the TV show that she was a PA on.

Side note – I found it interesting that Laura and I started dating during the pilot of Prison Break and split up literally as we were finishing work on the final episode of that show.  ANYHOO –

Every time I’ve left a job or transferred within a company I always consider the good friends that I’d been working with and thought, “Oh yeah, I’ll see them again for sure.  We’ll totally hang out!” and it hasn’t really happened.

It never really happens, does it?

Patrick.  That son of a bitch.  I’ve rarely felt such fury towards a coworker and he really brought it out of me.  There were times I would get so incredibly pissed off at him.  We worked in an office together in rather close quarters for a few months.  He loved having his music loud.  The best part is when he would blast his music and leave the room for a half an hour or so.  And if I had the AUDACITY to turn his music down when he was gone he would get upset at ME (“I really don’t think you should be touching my computer”).  Luckily he eventually turned his music down on a consistent basis and I loosened up a bit.   With all of this “transfer” business really sinking in today I literally started to tear up as I realized I would likely not see him again at all after the new year.

Let me repeat that outrageous and completely true concept:

 I was nearly crying because I will miss Patrick.

It is a moment like this where we all naturally look back.  Let’s make one thing clear:  There has been one standard bearer in Operations Managers and his name is Tony Chase.  The Sarge was the first Ops Manager I had at Riot and he was amazing – to the point where I have told every ops manager since “You’re not the Sarge and you never will be!”.  And Alex… if you tried to explain to a pal how it was to have Alex as a boss and your pal says, “Oh yeah, I knew a guy like that”: punch your pal in the face.  There is no comparison between Alex and any other boss you will have.

Morgan, Joey and Alex in the final White Jean Wednesday

Riot has been my introduction to show business.  Like…REAL show business. I’ll always remember:

* Watching Colby edit the Sopranos finale and how we were the first two people to watch it – EVER (and being so confused by it…and thinking the fans were going to be pissed!)

* My first night as Operations Manager and seeing Prince (yeah, Prince MoFos!).

* I missed seeing Neil Diamond by just a couple of small hours… I would have come in early had I known!

* Seeing Trent Reznor in the kitchen.

* Seeing that lead singer dude with the hair from System of a Down and his totally f’d up video.

* Watching a BEN FOLDS video being colored!  Ben didn’t visit, though.

* Watching the Wrestlemania promos being transferred (the ones with the superstars as kids).

* Mustache Fridays.  Yeah, I only participated in one but there was some serious business going on there!

It is worth pointing out that whenever I’ve switched jobs I’ve always felt that the people I’ve just left were MY crowd.  We got each other and there will never be another gang like us again.  Then at the new job relationships are grown, trust is built, and usually before you know it you’ve got yourself another gang again!  The people at the new job have all been extremely supportive.  Will we have the same feeling of togetherness that Riot has?  Time will tell.

But for now I just want to say “Thank You” to the 702 crowd.

I’ll miss the Hell out of you.

Back: Martinez, Heydar, Matt, Dave, Shane, Troy, John

Front: Cogan, Parks, Morgan, Alex

Not Pictured: A whole lot of cool motherfuckers.

Cheers, guys.


  1. leslie says:

    You are the best! I just love you! Such a nice person and you have grown so much since “back in the day”!

    You should be proud! (Even though you lost the girl – hopefully it was a learning experience)………..

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