Like Father Like Son

Posted: September 8, 2009 in Uncategorized
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This is Tyler.tyler

Tyler is nine years old and is the eldest son of Erin and Joe [Joe previously seen here]:


While playing Nazi zombies with Joe and the guys on XBOX live over the last few months I would frequently hear Joe say things like, “Hey Ty, wanna’ grab me a snack?” followed soon by, “Heeey, thanks, buddy!”  So we knew Tyler was watching his father play this incredibly violent video game – but it’s cool, Tyler’s a bright kid and isn’t going to be emotionally scarred by what he sees.

There are certain phrases that we get used to using while slaying the undead.  If we have a gun (the shotgun, for example) that is no longer effective, most of us will say, “I’m going to the box!” [The “box” is where we can trade and purchase other guns].  When Joe is done with his gun, his method of saying “I’m going to the box” is frequently “I’m going to get rid of this shotgun”.  When we play a game where things go awry, we all die super early, and we get sent back to the main menu, Joe will often let out a basic statement: “That sucked”.  Matter of factly.

A big part of the game is making sure you have the proper guns (My favorite is the MG42 – it’s AWESOME!).  The gun box distributes our weaponry randomly (I think?  We haven’t found a way to get the weapons we need on demand).  Anyway, when Joe gets a gun that he likes and the kid is nearby we will hear, “Look what I got, Ty!”

So Tyler got an XBOX 360 of his own in his room apparently, and I shot up some zombies with him yesterday.

I spent a healthy portion of my time laughing.

It was just Tyler and I as opposed to the ideal 4 person team.  We played the new board, “Der Riese” a few times.  The first time we played that we didn’t get past round three I heard:

Tyler [matter of factly]:  That sucked.

It’s almost as if he was the Pinnochio to Joe’s Geppetto.  It was ridiculous!  There was more.

Tyler:  I’m gonna’ get rid of this BAR [machine gun].

Now Tyler has a little brother Mason.  No, he didn’t ask Mason to get him a snack…yet, but I did hear:

Tyler:  Hey Ma[son], look what I got!  It’s the Browning.

We didn’t get farther than round eleven yesterday, but I need to get to at least round thirteen with him.  Somehow he and Jeremy got to round 12 and they both had friggin’ sniper rifles.  I must do better than Jeremy.  Tyler – we’re going to hit round 20, darnit.


The Cat’s in the Cradle with the PPSH,


  1. Joe Westerlund says:

    You should know, Kev, that the first time I let Ty play he was really acting the part. He had just gotten his xbox live account set up and a few St. Michael guys were online so I got Ty into their party. They died shortly thereafter and started a new game with Ty included. I went outside to work. Later Tyler told his mom that when he got downed by zombies he blurted out, “Come revive me, you idiots!” Later I asked the guys about it and they said they thought they’d heard him wrong. Good stuff.

  2. rich says:


  3. jshady says:


    Lilke I said, man: Chris Hansen.

    Great job digging up that poster, by the way.

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