Joe is angry.

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This is Joe.


Joe is angry and it’s not entirely my fault.  You see, the Call of Duty: World at War NAZI ZOMBIES game only allows four players to be in a game at the same time.  That sucks.

I just want to make one thing perfectly clear:  My ideal team is Kevin, Jake, Jeremy and Joe.  Ray is obviously next on the list, but a big part of the enjoyment for me is connecting with my guys back home.  Ray is a very good friend of mine.  He is Latin and have long hair.  I see Ray every day, so that explains why his doesn’t make the Dream Team. 

So two nights ago I get a text from Joe suggesting we play at 9:30pm (Minnesota time).  I happily agree and log on right on the button.  As it turns out, two OTHER players that Joe is friends with but I have never met are in an XBOX party with him.  I join the party and the game begins.  The interesting thing about the XBOX parties is that you can have a large number of people in the “party” while you are all playing in different games.  This is important to remember for later.

It’s ALSO important to know that since Jake, Jeremy, Joe, Ray and I are now spectacularly good at this game and as a result a single game can last for an hour and a half to two hours.  Of course, just a minute or two into my game with Joe and two strangers Jeremy and Jake log on.

So here’s my dilemma: 

* stay in the game with Joe and his two friends who I don’t know and who HARDLY TALK ANYWAY (communication is VITAL in this game – we’re fighting zombie hordes for crying out loud!)


* quit this game early on, join Jake and Jeremy in a game and call Ray in.

Well, I chose the latter.  I told the everybody I was leaving their game, too, but they didn’t respond!  Two minutes into the NEW game where I had THREE friends (as opposed to just one) I hear “Hey, did somebody leave?”  Sorry, buddy, but I don’t know you.

Now, this wasn’t a COMPLETELY shitty move on my part to leave Joe in a game with two players.  Heck, Jake, Ray and I made it to round 26 without a fourth!  Within ten minutes Joe and his partners had logged off.  They just gave up.  The rest of us had a blast!

Yesterday Jake, Jeremy and I got the above picture of Joe sent to us along with the following text message:

“No more playing with that Antonio Banderras knockoff, you bastards!  Whores!  Spaniard lovers!  Vlad and Mauve [Joe’s two friends that I don’t know] are impossible to play with”

I need to point out that being left out of a game with reliable friends has happened to me also!  I agree, it is very frustrating.  I had logged on just a couple of minutes late and they plugged one of Joe’s friends into my spot.  I decided to have a little fun with it, though.  I joined the party so I could talk with all of them and I listened carefully.  I really wanted the game to end so that maybe somebody would drop out and I could join.  Whenever somebody needed cover to go out into the danger zone I told them that I would cover them.  It’s just another voice, you know?  They didn’t realize that I wasn’t in the game so they would run out thinking they were safe.  I would hear “HEY!  WHOSE COVERING ERIC?!?!”  Well, nobody was covering Eric.  Or, “Somebody cover the staircase, I’ve got to reload” and I would reply, “Got it!”

I didn’t have the staircase.  It’s important that somebody cover the staircase.

Sadly my attempt at sabotage didn’t work.  That game went on for EVER and I think I logged off.

Anyway, the bottom line here Joe, is that if you want in the game you’ve got to ignore those guys that I don’t give a shit about.  If we have my ideal team of four then I won’t have any need to holler over to Ray to join us.

The Great Communicator,


  1. Rueban says:

    I will have you know… I have killed PLENTY O ZOMBIES

    tag: Tripnutz

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