Map Pack Three is LOVE

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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After playing the new map pack for Call of Duty: World at War, I have come to the conclusion that the Zombie level (Der Riese) was made as a love letter to the fans.

A tactical overview of the new zombie map

A tactical overview of the new zombie map

First things first: The “Pack a Punch” machine.  After you activate all the teleporters the barrier to this machine will open.  Sure, it costs 5,000 points but it is well worth it!  Just go up to the machine and spend away.  The upgraded Wonderwaffle (or however the hell you spell it) doubles the ammo and has a farther impact.  Even the flamethrower is worth having after the upgrade!  We all love the upgraded Ray Gun (with RED ammo!).  I’m a huge fan of the PPSh upgraded (new name: The Reaper!).  We have yet to upgrade each weapon and eagerly anticipate how the Panzersheck looks after the update (it is one of the two shittiest weapons, taking second place to the freakin’ KAR-88).

This guy is toast...

This guy is toast...

Next:  The teleporting is just plain fun.  Defend an area with a teleport, and when the heat gets turned up too much just hop in and head safely back to the main frame.  Not to mention – the teleport itself BORROWS HEAVILY FROM DOCTOR WHO thank you very much!  There is a definite nod to the time vortex as you travel.

Finally, they have made the perfect place to dig your boots in and fight.  [After you’ve got some good guns] go to where the gun box is first located and open the gate.  As you approach the teleport follow take a right.  At that point there is a hallway.  Go all the way in and GET READY!  There is a decent hole where you can safely blast zombies that are approaching your area.  A gang of four or even three can hold up there indefinitely – until you run out of ammo.

Anyway, Der Riese is a fuckin’ blast.  I can’t wait for them to put out some more.


Edited much later that night:  I can’t believe I forgot about the Monkey Bombs!  Get this map pack!

  1. jshady says:

    OH!!!! This sounds fun. We’ll have to play it together at some point… drunk.

  2. Torpxxx says:

    I can’t believe I’m out of town till Friday. Don’t fucking use up your interest in the map before i get back!

  3. 17913 says:

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