A Cambodian Wedding

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I went home about a week ago to see my cousin Nick get married – twice!  They did a traditional Cambodian wedding for her family and a traditional Catholic wedding the day after for his.  I’ve got to say:  although considerably longer, the Cambodian wedding was more fun!

Julie and Nick!

Julie and Nick!

First, as we arrived to Julie’s family’s house we were given a gift basket and got in line outside.  Nick led the procession with his groomsmen – all dressed in traditional garb.  They led the way into the house where the guests gave back the gift baskets to her family.  As I understand it, we were presenting a dowry (basically buying their daughter off of them for Nick).  This was a reenactment of what happened with some Prince a long time ago.  Soon after, the parents (as part of the reenactment) began to bicker how the dowry wasn’t enough for their daughter.  Others would open some of the baskets and basically say in Cambodian, “What are you talking about, this basket is filled with cherries…CHERRIES!  Everybody likes cherries!”  to which Julie’s family would reply, “Yeah, cherries ARE pretty good…”  Again, this is my understanding of what went down.  I haven’t studied the Cambodian language since… ever [is Cambodian a language?]  The dowry itself was amusing.  Nick’s parents had to make 76 baskets for the event.  In addition to the aforementioned cherries, many were filled with other fruits, coffee, and my favorite: macaroni and cheese!

There were two costume changes – a total of three outfits for the bride and groom.  There was a bit where several family members came up and pretended to cut some of their hair (although Mike actually took a snip out of Nick.  That crazy Mike!).  And later, couples were invited to approach the couple and tie red strings around their wrists.

Congrats to the happy couple!

  1. jshady says:

    Cambodian weddings sound like a Prince concert when it comes to costume changes!

  2. loren says:

    I was at this Cambocian wedding. It appears that Mr. Kittridge paid attention. Was fun. the dowry argument was settled quickly when an envelope with undisclosed papers in it were examined.

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